Chris Boyle

DirectorChris Boyle Consultancy


As a social worker who has worked in the child protection system for nearly 20 years, Chris is one of Queensland.s longest standing and most respected child protection experts. He has a passion for social justice and giving a voice and opportunity to the most vulnerable children, young people and families in our community.

Throughout his career across government and non-government, he has held many leadership roles and positively influenced culture and change in challenging circumstances.  He remains a strong advocate for systemic change within the sector and for the provision of timely supports and resources to be offered to all children, young people and families.  He believes in establishing communities of hope, where the children are safe and families are strengthened.


In 2012, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to pursue his passion and explore the latest research and practice in family preservation services to reduce the number of children removed from their families. He travelled for 10 weeks across the United Kingdom, Denmark, USA and Canada. During his travels, he met some of the world.s foremost experts on child protection who shared their valuable time, experiences and knowledge with him. His report, "IMAGINE: A System Willing and Able to Protect Children and Support Families. can be read on the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust website at


His Fellowship experience not only increased his broad array of networks, but also the confidence and belief to enter into private practice as a child protection consultant.  In January 2016, he commenced as the Director of Chris Boyle Consultancy Pty Ltd and he continues to share the richness of his experiences and Churchill Fellowship learnings across the child protection sector.


He is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), the Churchill Fellows Association of Queensland Committee and he has a Diploma in Community Services.